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  2. Request to join this wiki (top of the left side of the page)
  3. Use the links on the left side of this page to access your group page.
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  5. Below are listed several resources that may help you with your project.


Library Books

Books including creation myths and information about these myths have been selected from our collection and placed on a cart in the library for easy access. These books may only be used in the library.


Credo Reference
Use Credo Reference to search across 422 reference books. Try search terms such as myths, mythology, and creation myths. *To use this at home, use your NetID and NetID password.

Encyclopaedia Britannica
Use this for background information on the myths. *To use this at home, use the login unihigh and the password that goes with it. If you're not sure what that is, ask us.

Encyclopedia Mythica
Free online encyclopedia dedicated to mythology. Search by region by using the Jump to area: box or type in your search words in the top right search box.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Full-text access to dozens of encyclopedias in all subject areas.


The Big Myth
Click on a region of the map to access its creation myth.The myths are told through Flash animation, but you can access the text by clicking on "Download story as Word doc" in the bottom right corner.

Folklore and Mythology
Scroll down through the alphabetic list of topics to "Creation and origin myths."

World Myths and Legends in Art
This website provides pictures of ancient art and the stories that go along with them. Click on "Art by Theme" to find a section on creation myths.